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Synthetic Fascism


Illustratie: Toshio Saeki

Dolce & Gabbana say they aren’t against gay equality. Many have called Elton John’s outrage on the sickening comments from D&G in Panorama and his subsequent call for a boycott an overreaction, and slandered LGBT activist Peter Tatchell’s answer in The Guardian, as ‘silencing’ of everyone’s right to free expression. Seriously?? I think D&G’s shining creations may be blinding people’s ability to see clearly.

In the Panorama interview, meant as PR for their new campaign filled with neoclassic archetypes from the Good Old Catholic Life, D&G shared – as they did before – their opinions with us on same-sex marriage, gay adoption and LGBT parenting.

Moral values

They are abhorred by it, a holy baby should be fecundated in the womb of a holy mother who herself should be secured by a holy daddy, that’s the way they experienced it in La Sicilia and see, ain’t life grand. After a worldwide storm of criticism, the gentlemen’s excuse was the simplistic ‘this is just our personal view’, stating with ennui that they didn’t meant to hurt no one, as if their words suddenly had lost all meaning. Who the hell do we think we are, with our Gay Taliban condemnations, trying to force our views on everyone’s freedom? Do LGBT’s think they can impose their moral values on society? I’m afraid the truth is slightly different.

In Italy there is a war going on for quite a while concerning LGBT’s rights. Traditional conservative right vs. liberal left and D&G have shown on multiple occasions to honor the first team. Not surprising their homeboys came running to declare their warm support to the fashion couple. Gay fashion icons airing publicly their contempt for those devilish IVF adepts? It just doesn’t get better than this. I think that night even the Pope himself must have placed an order online for some D&G undies, flushing with excitement. Viva La Mamma!

Trouble in paradise

But oh my, such harsh reactions aren’t D&G themselves part of the LGBT community? Sure. Openly gay, they have since their beginnings explicitly courted the gay community, even darling and Imperatrice Gay Madonna is a regular guest at the Italians’ quarters. First, you have to drill into a network of celebrities, fed with free gowns and exclusive, broadly publicized parties, so you can later sell a comfortable amount of perfumes and sunglasses, it’s the way all fashion houses have to sweat for their billions. Gays are rich bitches, right, and when the hunger for that lovin’ feelin’ is established, the suckers will buy anything. So everybody happy?

Not likely. There’s trouble in paradise: Contrary to what many seem to imagine, the LGBT community isn’t a homogenous group that functions according to the laws of some Superpope. It embraces a very diverse range of human beings, from leftists to far-right, men, women, transgenders, assholes and Mother Teresas, beggars, super-rich. Tycoons like D&G and Elton John sit on top of the power pyramid, they are able to make or break reputations. These informal ambassadors are usually respected for their influence pushing LGBT rights on multinationals, the media, and sometimes even authorities.

Ordinary citizens

But now Princes D&G have not only slashed at Prince Elton and countless others, no, they have pissed on the porch of heavily fought LGBT achievements. And this is not just some bar row, this really means something. LGBT’s aren’t just defending their own rights, they are standing up for the rights of minorities, of women, for democracy.

D&G’s comments (and their reaction later on that they didn’t ‘need the money from idiot Elton fans’ was just pathetic) are a slap in the face of all those who have been fighting for equality for decades long, they are now de facto aligning with fascists who want to shut us up. D&G aren’t just ordinary citizens with a ‘personal opinion’, but powerful media tycoons with immeasurable influence, and they know it. In their own country there is a hard struggle unfolding right now about basic rights for their fellow nationals, people whose right to choose freely is limited simply by their sexual orientation. D&G’s opinions are political. Period.

Collective punishment

And then the boycott thing. Do boycotts work? That is something each one should decide individually. Is that a ‘collective punishment’ you say? Cry me a river; D&G have made a career of manipulating the collective psyche with their sexual mythologies and celeb-filled runways.

Oh look, there’s a familiar face, also disapproving of such vile actions. And fuck me; did you hear who issued a fatwa a while ago? The self proclaimed Italian Charlies were displeased with an upcoming article in Vanity Fair that mentioned their tax creativity, even Queen Anna Wintour had to rush pronto, pronto to Capri to safeguard those Condé Nast millions.

Reactionary bullies

But D&G can try to downplay their bitter faux-pas; they have been outed as reactionary bullies. And the reactions keep dropping in: creative director from fashion house Balmain was rather clear about his disapproval. Giuliano Federico, editor in chief of D&G’s own magazine Swide, has resigned following D&G’s statements, I call that a man with principles.

The latest sad news is that neo-fascist party Forza Nuova has granted D&G an honorary membership, praising their ‘courage defending family values’. Hell, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana should really take some Pride in this.

Look, we LGBT’s will grab our rights whichever way we can, we will make use of lobby groups, protests, boycotts, even blackmail or scratching eyes if we must. This is about our fundamental freedom to be recognized as full human beings. So from my part, a warm and deeply heartfelt FUCK YOU to D&G. And to finish with the words from another unapologetic well known group: We are LGBT. We do not forget. Expect us.

@SIGILIX is a Dutch gay man who has to hide behind a pseudonym because homophobic journalists threaten to beat him up. He can be followed on Twitter, but he’s not for the weak of heart.

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op 21 03 2015 at 10:58 schreef WARZAZAT:

It’s time that people wake up and make a stand against the bizarre and wicked demands of the homosexual propagandists. Being a homosexual is not an identity or a political or social-cultural issue its a sexual preference. So trying to give it a social-cultural dimension and equip it with a political agenda and project is horrendous.

Marriage is an institution that is meant for a couple to produce and take care of childeren. Two men/women can’t produce childeren so leave there…..and leave the kids alone.

op 21 03 2015 at 18:16 schreef fkhfmhgmg:

Why would now be the time to make a stand against the gay rights movement?
Why is a marriage between two gays wicked?
Would you rather see gay activity as a secret and promiscuous capital sin, like they do in southern Marocco?
I can assure you that being gay can easlily be an important part of one’s identity, just like e.g. being born in Warzazat can be a part of one’s identity.
Do you really putting gay rights on the politicl agend is horrendous? Why?
Isn’t it obvious that the implementation and effectouation of gay rights has a social-cultural dimension?
Who says marrying is equal with ‘producing’ children?
Why should gays leave kids alone?
Do we really need to explain to you that paedofilia is something completely different from being LGBT?

op 21 03 2015 at 21:29 schreef Matijn:

Tja, fijn dat hier zo open gediscussieerd mag worden, is altijd weer leerzaam :)
WARZAZAT levert voor deze maand de meest stupide reactie. Ongeïnteresseerd, saai en buiten de realiteit. Ik vermoed dat je eens een stapje uit je kleine comfort-zone moet zetten. Of het nu gaat om politiek, religie, geen stijl of een soort misplaats superioriteitsgevoel… Dat is me niet helemaal duidelijk en eigenlijk interesseert me jouw visie ook niet echt. Ik ga het niet voor je uitspellen. Doe zelf eens je best om de wereld beter te snappen. Nu sta je namelijk enorm voor lul.

op 22 03 2015 at 16:54 schreef Lex:

Ik vind het nog steeds erg zonde dat SIGILIX mij heeft geblockt op Twitter. Fantastisch stuk.

op 23 03 2015 at 19:27 schreef WARZAZAT:

And what about the rights of children??!!….a child is born out of a family with a mother and a father.

Gay movement does not exist.

Everybody is free to chose his lifstyle and partner as long that choice does not effect the life of others and in adopting kids or producing them ‘syntheticly’ to adopt them you effect the lives of the most vulnerable who didn’t have a choice.

op 27 03 2015 at 13:46 schreef fkhfmhgmg:

I am actively involved in children’s rights (United Nations) and for example have been involved in a project in Nepal. At the moment I’m working on a project in Cyprus.
Because of the renewed influence of the Orthodox Church (think: Putin) it is not easy to show the traditional and conservative powers how gayrights and the rights of children do not at all clash but rather strengthen each other.
I realise in Holland we need to do a lot of work too in order to win the hearts and minds of conservative and traditional immigrants.
By the way, there is a worldwide network of local gay movements working together to make the world a better place for everyone. Just open your eyes and see (if you dare).

op 29 03 2015 at 17:33 schreef SIGILIX:


Thanks for proving my point. Anything else?

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